San Diego Local SEO

San Diego Local SEO

Did you know that 90% of consumers go online to find information about a local business?  In fact 80% make a purchase on the sites they visit.

When you deploy an effective San Diego Local SEO strategy, the many benefits you will receive include:

Improved search engine rankings

• Improved targeted traffic

• Attract local visitors ready to purchase from you

• Reduce your marketing budget-  local online marketing  is cost –effective

Why is it Important to Have a Local Online Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to local service providers like Dentists, Plumbers, and Carpet cleaners, it can be very difficult to compete on a global scale.  And most likely, a customer in NY is not going to search for a Dentist or local service provider in San Diego, unless they are in the area.   If you are a local service provider, your best customer lives 5 miles away from your location.

Technology is ever changing and savvy consumers adapt very quickly to new trends.  Your prospects no longer use the Yellow Pages as a relevant source of information.     They are on their mobile devices looking for more information about your company.    What’s even more promising is that a huge percentage of   mobile consumers take action within an hour after viewing your information from their mobile device.

Discover 3  reasons to start a San Diego Local SEO Campaign

If you don’t have a local online marketing plan in place, you will be missing out on hundreds of local customers that can increase your bottom line.   That’s where we come in.     We can help you implement an effective   Local SEO strategy designed to do the following:

• Increase your visibility

• Increase your traffic

• Increase your sales and profits

While San Diego Local SEO seems fairly easy, there’s much more to local online marketing than claiming your local listings.   It’s about staying relevant, consistent, and informative and maintaining high rankings.    With our help, local online marketing has never been easier.  We have helped hundreds of businesses throughout the United States achieve 1st page rankings and increase sales.    Whether you are a brand new business, or you’ve been around for 3 decades, it’s important to optimize your online presence for new local customers.

When it comes to local online marketing, there are 5 critical factors that determine your online marketing success and we can help you with all of them.    The strategy consists of the following:

Claiming/Adding your Google Maps Profile

• Categories

• Zagat  Ratings and Reviews

• Consistent Citations

• Optimization of your  local profiles

Consistent Citations are Key to a Successful Local Online Marketing Campaign

While there are many ranking factors to your SEO success, one of the most important aspects of   an effective local online marketing campaign is citations.   Citations across a wide variety of platforms will position you as an established business.   But, what are citations?   Simply put, citations are any relevant information about your business such as your name, address, phone number, etc.   Google and the other search engines want to see if other people in your local community are talking about your business.    The key to citations is listing consistent and accurate information about your business in niche directories, forums, blogs, local chamber of commerce sites, and directories like Kudzu, CitySearch and other local directories.

San Diego Local SEO is the New Way to Reach Your   Best   Prospects and Customers

Whether you want to increase online visibility or get local customers to come to your establishment,   local online marketing is for you.   Now more than ever, consumers are using their Mobile devices and cell phones to search for relevant information about local businesses.    Google Maps are the new digital Yellow Pages, and it doesn’t look like this new way of attracting customers is dying anytime soon.  By having a strong local presence, you will be able to provide your best customer with information on how to do business with you.

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